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Engessul Agricultural Gypsum: Deepens the roots and increases your profit.

ooooooooooThe Engessul agricultural gypsum is used as a soil corrector and conditioner, as a source of calcium and sulfur nutrients and to increase the calcium/magnesium ratio of soils. Thanks to its great solubility, (145 times higher than limestone), the gypsum penetrates in the deepest layers of soils (under-surface), thus complementing the benefits of liming, which acts only on the surface layer (up to 25 cm).

ooooooooooBy increasing soil porosity and neutralizing toxic aluminum, agricultural gypsum allows the deepening of roots, which in turn have a greater amount of available nutrients and water for their development and to withstand drought and hot spell periods. The Engessul agricultural gypsum does not need to be incorporated into the soils and may be applied only on the surface, being easily solubilized and incorporated into the soil by the rain.

ooooooooooThe incorporation of calcium and sulfur deep into the soil favors root growth, enhances plant vigor and improves food value, thus allowing greater productivity and increasing the quality of harvested products.

ooooooooooThe Engessul agricultural gypsum is also used as a conditioner in the fermentation of manure, allowing greater nitrogen retention and enriching the compound with calcium and sulfur.

ooooooooooIn some soils, be it by their own nature or by the intensive use of dolomitic limestone, the calcium/magnesium (Ca/Mg) ratio presents lower-than-desirable values. The problem correction with the use of calcitic limestone causes the pH to increase, which is often undesirable. The utilization of Engessul agricultural gypsum allows the problem to be corrected without altering the pH values.

ooooooooooThanks to its capability of increasing soil porosity, the Engessul agricultural gypsum has been used to fight problems of surface crusting of soils, caused by the loss of organic matter and by the impacting action of raindrops, machinery traffic and animal trampling. Crusting increases surface runoff and erosion as it keeps the water from seeping through the soil, aside from impairing seedling emergence, especially leguminous ones.

ooooooooooGiven this characteristic of the agricultural gypsum, the product has been utilized to increase surface permeability of sanitary sewer decantation basins, thus increasing the seepage rate of liquid effluents.

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